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IFTTT update: Our new and improved mobile search

A great search experience isn’t just about finding relevant information based on your search query — it’s also about discovery. Millions of people come to IFTTT to explore new topics of interest, find new ways to use the products they love, and uncover new things about their products they didn’t even know about. Over the past few months, we’ve made three improvements to IFTTT search in the iOS and Android apps to help you find and discover relevant Applets and topics of interest in a faster, more intuitive interface.

A search button that gets you closer to the action

Whether you’re looking for a particular Applet or want to do more with your iPhone or Android devices, you want to find what you need without disrupting your flow. To speed things up, we added a search button to the top right corner of the app. Want to connect your Philips Hue lights to Alexa? Simply tap on the search button to start exploring.

Improving search and discovery

While scrolling through search results can be a great method of discovery, it can be a pain when you can’t find what you’re looking for. Now, your search query will return relevant search results in two different tabs. That way, you can choose whether you want to see Applets or services and quickly get what you need.

Looking for a particular Applet that relates to a specific service, like Google Assistant? Or maybe you want to find an Applet with a particular functionality, like “call phone?” Just type “Google Assistant” or “call phone” in the search field and the Applets tab will show you the most relevant search results. Want to find all Applets that relate to a specific service? Simply search for the name of the service and the results will appear in the services tab.

Better and faster

Beyond the new search interface on mobile, our improved search returns more relevant results. It also makes it easier to find relevant Applets and services faster — three times faster.

We’ve found that these three search improvements make it easier for users to find what they need. Users are 45% more likely to enable Applets from the new search results. We hope you like it too!

If you haven’t already, download IFTTT for iOS and Android today.

By Yana Welinder, Senior Product Manager at IFTTT 

IFTTT update: Voice, sleep, smart cities, TV, & more — new on IFTTT

2018 kicked off with a bang and we could not be more impressed with the lineup of new apps and devices that made their way to IFTTT. 

Smart devices continue to impress

It’s absolutely incredible how far smart devices have come in such a short amount of time. They’ve only become more valuable for our daily routines and we’re blown away. Microsoft’s Cortana entered the voice assistant ring, TiVo gave new meaning to "remote control," and Noon Home debuted its spin on connected-lighting, targeting your light switch. 

iHome EnhanceSmarTap ShowerAirthingsNexx GarageWiser HeatmydlinkLiebherrHive Active PlugiDrateGuardzillaELA Smart LightingMerossPowered by Viva, and coqon each offer awesome new solutions for your home — be sure to check them out, too.

Nokia Sleep introduced a sleep sensing and automation pad that is pretty darn cool. And Moodo is one to watch… err, we mean smell — it’s a smart home fragrance box!

One smart city, one smart gird, and of course, Ethereum

The beautiful City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, became the 3rd smart city on IFTTT. OhmConnect is on a mission to help you save and earn $$$ for your reduced energy usage. Definitely check out TxHash if you’re trading Ethereum or interested in the blockchain.

Accessibility appliances, unique networks, and physical computing

tecla is a phenomenal accessibility service, offering people with limited upper-body mobility the ability to interact with their devices and appliances. Orion’s smart tools, Everynet’s LoRaWAN products, and GraspIO’s Cloudio board round out our recent service launches of 2018.

Interested in seeing your service on IFTTT? Visit the IFTTT Platform to learn how to build, and get started. 

IFTTT update: “Hey Cortana,” welcome to IFTTT

IFTTT is no stranger to voice assistants. In fact, Applets are one of the most popular and powerful ways for people to personalize and enhance how they use their voice assistants.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Microsoft’s Cortana is now on IFTTT and to welcome new communities of voice users to the flexibility of Applets. Available as a mobile app, Windows 10 app, and speaker — Cortana is ready to help wherever you go.

Get started on your chores without lifting a finger.

Tell your lights exactly what you want them to do.

Control your television and send messages to loved ones.

Your vocabulary is the limit! Connect Cortana to IFTTT and immediately open your voice assistant to over 550 apps and devices. You can learn more about Cortana here.

IFTTT update: Home hubs, data flows, safety alerts & more — new on IFTTT

The end of the year is always a busy time at IFTTT HQ. In between bites of turkey we managed to help thirteen new apps and devices launch their services. Here’s what’s new!

New ways to manage your smart home

With CES just around the corner, devices and apps are getting ready for the big show and an IFTTT service is a must. SwitchBot, eWeLink Smart Home, digitalSTROM, iO.e, and sRemo all offer different ways to build a smart home command center and control all your devices. And Somfy brought two services online this month: the TaHoma hub and their Connected Thermostat.

Robot takeover

Well, not quite — but the popularity of the new iRobot service from Roomba shows that people are ready for more automated help in the home. Luxafor’s smart lights and BOND’s system for controlling fans round out the new devices launched last month.

Tracking and safety

Keep yourself and your stuff safe with these new partners: SafeTrek offers new ways to send for help and tracMo’s Bluetooth finder can keep you connected to all your important items.

Data, data, everywhere

Finally, we know that this time of year there’s probably a mountain of work sitting between you and your holiday vacation. We got you: works with all your datasets and streams to help automate and save time. Sync it with our newly revamped Google Drive, Sheets, and Docs services to take your productivity up a notch.

That’s a wrap on November launches on IFTTT! Check back in January to see what launched in December — or use these Applets to find out the minute something new hits the platform.

Interested in seeing your service on IFTTT? Visit the platform to learn how to build, and get started.

IFTTT update: Google Drive is new and improved

Microsoft collection of Applets

The Google Drive service is a cornerstone at IFTTT. It keeps our businesses and households running smoothly. It helps us organize research and store precious memories. It can even automatically build an archive of awe-inspiring NASA images. That said, we’re always working to improve our services to better meet your needs.

Historically, Applets that interact with Google Sheets or Google Docs have fallen under the umbrella of Google Drive. Today, we’re excited to introduce new, separate services for Google Sheets and Google Docs — and some big improvements to the original Google Drive service.

Get to know Google Sheets and Docs

These new actions and triggers will help you keep your life organized and effectively collaborate with friends and colleagues across the globe.

From creating a social media archive and recording your work hours to tracking your caffeine consumption and reminding you to call your mom more, the Google Sheets service allows you to keep track of, well, pretty much anything.

Google Sheets triggers include:

  • New row added to spreadsheet
  • Cell updated in spreadsheet
  • New spreadsheet added

Google Sheets actions include:

  • Add a new row to spreadsheet

Whether you’re trying to remember discussion points from a meeting or rushing to finish up your honey-do list, Google Docs Applets make lingering fears over forgetting your action items a thing of the past.

Google Docs triggers include:

  • New document added

Google Docs actions include:

  • Create a document
  • Append to a document

Meet the improved Google Drive service

Even the most internet-savvy among us sometimes have trouble keeping track of our favorite articles, songs, and images. Applets for Google Drive can help you save and easily search everything — and automatically share the right files with the right people.

Google Drive triggers include:

  • New file in your folder
  • New video or photo in your folder
  • New starred file in folder

Google Drive actions include:

  • Upload a file from a URL (Note: there’s a 30 MB file size limit)

We hope these changes will encourage the creation of more Applets specific to Google Docs and Google Sheets — we can’t wait to see what you do with these new tools. If you already have Applets that worked with Google Drive and now fall under these new services, don’t worry — you don’t have to take any action!

Spend some time with Sheets, Docs, and Drive, and let us know what you think.

IFTTT update: Air quality updates, task managers, smart plugs & more — new on IFTTT

October wasn’t just about scaring trick-or-treaters — we put the candy bowl aside and took some time to help eight new services launch. Here’s what came to IFTTT last month.

New ways to stay on task

We were delighted to add two often requested apps to the platform — Remember the Milk and Asana. Use them to update projects automatically, keep colleagues and collaborators in the know, and even — yes — remember to pick up milk!

Monitor and manage the air up there

Last month was a tough one for all our friends and family in the Bay Area. We launched the AirNow service to help everyone in the area track the air quality as they were out and about.

We know for some people air quality is an everyday concern: Air by Propeller works with IFTTT to track and alert people to asthma conditions in their neighborhoods, so they can breathe easy. Or maybe you just want to keep a closer eye on the weather. WeatherFlow Smart Weather Stations can help.

Tools for the home and the office

We also welcomed some new services that can augment your living and working space. Fortinet’s FortiVoice system makes office phone headaches a thing of the past.

After the work day is done, come home to a smart home powered by CNCT Life’s intelliplug and the Invoxia Triby portable speaker hub. You can easily use them together now that they both work with IFTTT!

That was October! Check back in a month, and we’ll round up November’s launches. Can’t wait? Turn on these Applets to find out as soon as new services come to IFTTT. 

Interested in seeing your service on IFTTT? Visit the platform to learn how to build, and get started.

IFTTT update: Google Calendar got a huge update

Visit Trello's IFTTT page

Fitting your entire life into a teeny tiny screen can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Google Calendar and IFTTT are here to help! Applets have always helped you quickly create events and bring important information into your calendar, but now they can do even more. Here’s what we updated:

Choose different calendars for each Applet

Got both a work calendar and a personal calendar? Got a family calendar, and one just for you? In the past, you could only link one to IFTTT at a time. Now you’ll be able to turn on Applets that work with any calendar you own.

Hot tip: If you’ve enabled Applets in the past and would like to change the calendar they work with, just click the gear icon in the top right to reconfigure. No need to make brand new ones!

Run Applets when events end

Automate all those post-meeting tasks, like turning your ringer back on or creating a doc for meeting notes. Or just get a final reminder, to make sure you don’t forget to send a birthday greeting. You can run these Applets for every event, or get specific and only run them when an event has a certain name or keyword in the description.

Run Applets when you respond to an event

Keep track of your packed schedule — and share it with the people who need to know. Super handy if you manage a group calendar for the office or your home.

Quickly sync event details between calendars

You’ve always been able to quickly add events to your Google Calendar via IFTTT. Now, with the “Create a detailed event” action, you can seamlessly sync calendars by pulling over start and end times, titles, descriptions, locations, attendees, and even whether an event is all day or not.

We’re heading into the busy holiday season, so these updates came at the perfect time. Give them a try, and let us know how it goes! Want to know as soon as any other Google Calendar improvements are made? Turn on these Applets to stay in the loop.

IFTTT update: Cute bots, smart kettles, internet controls, & more — new on IFTTT

September’s launches are perfect for making memories, staying in touch, getting cozy, and spending time as a family. It’s like the universe is easing us into the holiday season! Take a look at what came to IFTTT last month.

Say cheese

Two new updates for photography fans. Aura Frames is a smart photo display system that can show off your pics or any number of inspiring images. You could even pair it with Jibo — this voice assistant launched in beta earlier in the year, but they’re back with a new trigger: Jibo can now take photos. Smile!

Meet the IFTTT bot!

After a few weeks in a private beta, we were delighted to go live with our Facebook Messenger integration. Applets can bring important information into your chat with the IFTTT bot so you’re always up to date and informed.

Hi from the UK

Two devices from UK-based companies made their debut last month. Smarter, which has a range of innovative smart kitchen appliances, launched their iKettle. And Hive added to their range of services with Hive Active Thermostat. Stay toasty, and have a cuppa.

Manage the ins and outs of your home

Whether they’re in real life, via your door or garage; or virtual, via the internet — you want to have control and visibility into what’s coming into and out of your home. Amarr Entrematic’s garage and door systems have the first scenario covered. And Circle’s innovative internet controls make managing the online habits of anyone in the house easy and automatic. Their partnership with Disney will help keep your kids happy, even while you’re regulating their screen time!

Finally, Optus Smart Living also brought their service online. Based in New Zealand, Australia, and China, they want to educate people about smart homes. They’ve curated an impressive selection of Applets to help tell that story.

Don’t want to wait for the October wrap-up to hear about the latest and greatest on IFTTT? Our refreshed IFTTT service has some Applets for that, too. Turn them on, and be the first to know when a new app or device hits the platform.

Interested in seeing your service on IFTTT? Visit the platform to learn how to build, and get started.

IFTTT update: IFTTT on IFTTT: A new way to stay updated

New Applets help you follow your favorite apps and devices

We often talk about the hundreds of services on IFTTT, and the millions of Applets you can turn on. However, we know that what you care about most are the services you personally use, and the Applets that work with them.

That’s why we’ve added a new feature to IFTTT: You can now turn on or make Applets that tell you when a service publishes a new Applet or adds new functionality.

We’ve always had the IFTTT service. It was actually our very first one! It’s how we send you Applet recommendations and keep you updated via our blog.

These new Applets are powered by the same IFTTT service. You may notice other services on IFTTT publishing their own Applets that use it, and when they do you’ll see the IFTTT icon under “works with.”

If you want to make your own, it’s simple — just go to and select the IFTTT service as your trigger. For your action, choose however you want to get the information: a Slack message, a blinking light bulb, a phone call…etc!

Go to to build your own Applet using the IFTTT service to follow an app or device

Subscribe to your favorite services today! When your favorite app or device has an exciting new IFTTT update, you’ll be the first to know.