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Opti-myst 400

De Faber Opti-Myst techniek staat valt op door het zeer realistische vuurbeeld. De combinatie van het Opti-Myst vuurbeeld en het rookeffect vindt u ook terug bij de Cassette 400 van Faber. Deze inbouwunit is eenvoudig te plaatsen door zijn bescheiden afmetingen. Eventueel kan er een lijnvuur gecreëerd worden door meerder haarden naast elkaar te plaatsen.

Deze haard heeft geen verwarmend vermogen. Het bijvullen van het waterreservoir gaan bijzonder eenvoudig. Hiervoor tilt u de bovenzijde met houtdecoratie op en u kan de haard bijvullen. Hierdoor is dit model meer geschikt om volledig in te bouwen dan Cassette M en L, waarbij de haarden bijgevuld worden door een lade aan de voorzijde.


Vandaag op de kop af 5 maanden geleden dat ik er ongevraagd een partij kennissen bij kreeg, maar ook de beste opvang die je maar kunt wensen. De dag dat anderen zichzelf degradeerden. Aan die laatste groep heb ik niets meer te vertellen.


The ambitious Invoxia Triby smart speaker (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) features the Amazon Alexa API, an ‘e-ink’ display for quick notifications, and access to streaming music services. And oh, it can also answer phone calls. Find out what we thought of this cute, magnetic, ‘do it all’ speaker in this video review.

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Triby features voice control with Amazon Alexa and is a smart portable speaker, Internet radio, hands-free speakerphone, and connected message board all rolled into one!

Use the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, get the news, set alarms,control smart home devices, and more using just your voice. Just say the wake word “Alexa” and Triby responds instantly.

Preset Internet radio stations and Spotify playlists for one-button access

Make calls over VoIP or with a paired smartphone from 15 feet away

Draw and share doodles and texts from your smartphone to Triby’s alway-on display

Stick Triby to the fridge with its magnetized back

Enjoy up to 2 days of battery life. Charge with micro USB.

Triby is the first Alexa-enabled speaker that is fully portable yet can hear you from across the room. Its design is as adorable as it is practical with buttons for shortcuts to your favorite music and an always-on screen to display memos, information about what you are listening to, and much more.

Triby features a superior Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker that provides awesome sound quality for listening to music from personal devices, streaming services and Internet radio stations. The sophisticated microphones work with the speaker to turn Triby into a hands-free speakerphone for VoIP and paired smartphone calls, while its E-Ink screen shows messages, and doodles that family members send via the Triby app.

Iport xpress

xPRESS, the Audio Keypad for Sonos, allows you to start playing Sonos instantly without having to take your phone out of your pocket or purse.  Place xPRESS anywhere you want instant access to Sonos. Play, skip tracks and adjust volume, all with the simplicity of flicking on the lights. And, with the Star button, toggle and auto-play all of your Sonos favorites whether Spotify playlists, Pandora Radio Stations and more!  
Install on a wall, place on the coffee table, or magnetically mount to the fridge. Enjoy a simple install with no wires, no hubs and no fuss. Set up in 2 minutes with the iPort Connect App for iOS. Use xPRESS as an individual controller, or control a group when you create one in Sonos. xPRESS: control Sonos music instantly from anywhere in the house.