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Logitech Harmony Smart Control

Uw smartphone is nu een afstandsbediening

Iedereen in huis kan de Harmony-app downloaden en zijn/haar smartphone in een universele afstandsbediening veranderen, compleet met tot wel 50 pictogrammen voor favoriete kanalen en activiteitenbediening met één aanraking.

Levering verliep supersnel. Inmiddels geinstalleerd en dat ging vlekkeloos. De bediening loopt via wifi, dus overal in huis werkt het. Aanrader!

Mooi spul bij dat!

Al meerdere keren tot tevredenheid iets besteld. Wel even geduld hebben, want het moet uit China komen.


This Custom Message Wireless Bike LED light illuminates your families’ wheels night and day, making Cycling safer in the Suburbs or City alike. This Multi-Weather Waterproof LED Bike Message Light adapts to fit your Mountain bike, Racing bike, BMX or any other Bike, whether Rain or Shine. Whilst Simmering in the Suburbs or Sweltering in the City, these Lights will illuminate your message! Tell a joke; Present your Logo; Program in a Promotion; Protest a Parade or Just having fun. It’s as easy as uploading your message directly from your PC to its Wireless portable message transmitter in an instant, connect to LED Lights and voila, your message is out there!

When mounted to the hub, this Light stabilizes your wheel without any Signs of wobble, so you won’t fly off the road at the bottom of the hill! With 40 different patterns, 5 English words and 4 custom messages already inbuilt, this is great fun straight from the start. And when you’re all done, no need to worry about a flattened battery, as the Automatic Power off feature switches your lights off 5 minutes after the wheel has been completely stationary.

This funky LED Bike Message Transmitter is found here in our extensive warehouse at an unbeatable bargain! In stock and ready for same day delivery, you won’t have to wait as long as other wholesalers. Available for single piece or bulk orders, purchase today and you will be pleased with your order! Brought to you by your faithful companions here at Chinavasion!

At a Glance…

  • PC Programmable Wireless Portable Message Transmitter
  • Upload from PC to USB Drive Direct to LED Gadget
  • Hub Mount Keeps Wheel Balanced
  • 30 blue LED lights illuminate any Message; Joke; Protest; Logo
  • Automatic power off after 5 Minutes
  • Waterproof to use in any Weather
  • Built in 40 Different Patterns, 5 English words and 4 custom messages
  • Increase Visibility for Safe Night or Day Riding

Goji Smart Lock

Dit is het volgende project en dat doe ik samen met collega Jaap. Toegangscontrole met je gsm en bepalen wie er op welke tijdstippen bij je naar binnen mag.

Het gaat nog even duren, want december 2013 wordt het materiaal pas verzonden. Bekijk het filmpje alvast.




Koubachi accurately determines the vitality of your plant and sends you a notification with precise care advice at the right time.

Accurate Vitality Diagnosis

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor measures soil moisture, tem­perature, and light intensity. Using scientific care models, Koubachi determines the exact needs of your plant.

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Handig ding. Koppel je mobiel aan deze telefoon (via BT) en je kunt vast en mobiel bellen en gebeld worden. Het toestel kan gelijkertijd aan twee mobiele telefoons gekoppeld zijn en maximaal 8 gsm’s in z’n lijst hebben.

Inclusief beantwoorder.