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Nieuwe IFTTT service: Flo

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Protect your entire home from water damage & leaks by using [Flo](! A smart home water monitoring and shut-off device that proactively detects issues anywhere in your home water system. From a pipe burst or leaking faucet, to a pinhole leak inside the wall, Flo has you covered 24/7, wherever you are.

Published August 31, 2018 at 12:01AM
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Nieuwe IFTTT service: innogy SmartHome

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innogy SmartHome
innogy SmartHome is an easy to use, full featured smart home system. Combine heating, lighting, security and many more devices in which ever way you want. This service will let you use innogy SmartHome States within IFTTT. Please note that innogy SmartHome is currently only available in Germany, Austria and BeNeLux.

Published August 28, 2018 at 06:01PM
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IFTTT update: Journal daily with Day One + IFTTT

Een verse update:

What if you could digitally log your life in one app? Those cute things your kids do. Your dream-worthy Instagram vacation pics. The never-ending to-do lists. You know, all the important things you just don’t have time to write down.

Meet Day One. It combines a beautifully designed daily log, activity log, and more in a journaling app to capture life moments. Day One integrated with IFTTT to help you quickly store memories and fleeting ideas together. It’s a personal journal and repository for your private data and innermost thoughts. Even non-writers will enjoy the brevity of digital journaling.

Essentially, it’s a digital scrapbook, journal, and storage gem.

With Day One and IFTTT together, you’ll rest easy knowing your ongoing to-do list is somewhere safe. Day One Applets save your favorite content such as Tweets, Google Calendar events, tagged Facebook photos, your location, Fitbit summaries, and more.

Forget your bookmarks tab. Get ready to journal everything.

Save the day

Day One lets you capture every moment as you live it — whether it’s your son’s baseball game or your favorite Tweets.  

With Applets, you don’t have to scroll through thousands of pics to find the baseball team’s celebratory happy dance. Create a photo log and store it. It’s easy like Sunday mornings.  

Don’t run from rain clouds

Need to prep for your morning run? These Applets help you decide when to lace up those sneakers. Follow the weather’s forecast every day — allowing you to focus on your run without dodging raindrops. Training for a marathon? Log your run times to track your best time.  

Take note

Stop worrying about losing paper to-do lists. Create a tag for your list, and search for it later when needed. Goodbye paper piles.

Keep in touch

Applets can help bring the information that is important to you, from all your favorite sources, to your digital journal. These are just a few ways to keep your life organized digitally using Day One and IFTTT. Keep your eye on the latest Day One Applets to get the most out of your journal.

Interested in seeing your own service on IFTTT? Visit the IFTTT Platform to learn how to build and get started.

IFTTT is een dienst op het internet die je zowel via een webpagina kunt benaderen als via de IFTTT applicatie. Aan IFTTT kun je allerlei andere diensten koppelen om zo verschillende applets (voor heen recepten) uit te voeren.

Er zijn ontelbare combinaties mogelijk. Letterlijk vertaald betekent IFTTT: Als dit dan dat, kortom als er een bepaalde gebeurtenis plaatsvindt kan IFTTT hier een vervolg aan geven. Het klinkt erg ingewikkeld, maar de uitwerking is niet zo moeilijk.